About Us

Hello! My name is Smriti and I run an online gift shop in Seattle called Smriti Designs LLC. We offer a large gift selection for any occasion! For our pop up events we bring a great selection of products created by small businesses and creators (self care items, beauty, leather products, greeting cards, candles, etc!). Online we offer customization options for products such as apparel, drinkware, leather goods, accessories, and more!

I started my business in September of 2017 where I opened a boutique on Poshmark when I was an undergrad. I spent some time selling on many platforms like Etsy and Amazon as well. After graduating in 2021 with a BBA in Business Analytics & Information Systems, and a BA in Computer Science, I moved to Seattle, WA for my full-time job with Amazon Web Services.

With a fresh start for myself I decided to give my business a fresh start as well. I wanted to launch something that truly represented who I am as a person and the first thing that came to mind was custom gifts! I have a long history of finding the most creative and personal gifts for my friends and family ranging from photo gifts, to custom apparel, to handmade creations! I launched Smriti Designs LLC on Etsy, smritidesigns.com, and am now selling my products wholesale on Faire! Now, at 24 years of age, I see how far my business has come and it is all thanks to buyers and businesses like you that help me grow! Thank you for your interest and support in Smriti Designs!

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